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What is the system requirements for JoomBri Extension?

Software Recommended Minimum More information
PHP 5.3 + 5.2.4 + http://www.php.net
MySQL 5.0.4 + 5.0.4 + http://www.mysql.com
(with mod_mysql, mod_xml,
and mod_zlib)
2.x + 2.x + http://www.apache.org
Microsoft IIS 7 7 http://www.iis.net

We suggest you try to use PHP versions 5.2.4 + or newer for better compatibility with our products.

What you get when you register with us?

  • Ability to download our JoomBri component, you need a user account and pay the Registration Fee using the secure PayPal payment gateway. But don't worry - we only charge you for a fixed amount of time (no recurring billing) and what you pay for is only the access to this site. The software that you download will work regardless of your membership validity.

Where is the download link for JoomBri component?

  • Once you have registered and completed the payment process, the download link for any or all of our component will be available. At the moment we have introduced our first component i.e JoomBri component.

- As previously stated you have to register with us and pay from as low as USD35 to be able to download. Plus you will get the support if needed to get your started relating to our component and any released modules and plugins from us. T&C applies.


All our software is GPL licensed and can be used on any number of servers. It doesn't phone home, hidden backlinks or referrers except to our site.

You'll get access to our software and updates for a certain amount of time with all of our memberships - of course, the software will not stop working when your membership runs out!

Please click here to read the license.

Lately, a lot of people have been trying to get away with what are considered asking for release dates: We do not and will not entertain request asking for release dates, its estimate or any that would constitute a question on dates.



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