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  • Excellent Component

    Excellent extension and great support. Since the first contact with the Joombri Team (commercial and support), I get always the great help and support for the issues I faced even if are not related to joombri freelance extension. I hope for this good team further success!

    Thank you

  • I'm Extremely Pleased

    Components don't mean much when the back-end of support is non existent but JoomBri's support is "Fantastic"!

    Three times I've needed support so I posted my question before I went to bed (EST) and two of those three times I had a answer when I awoke the next morning. On one occasion it took until 30 hours or so to have a response but when I got it the admin started off apologizing about the delay.

    In my experience with the JoomBri component of plug and play, hacking & writing custom code to work with it, their component, forum support and wiki documentation is all Excellent and it's made my life easier. Thanks for a great Component JoomBri Team!