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Full evaluation of the extension: I would give a 5 star rating as my overall experience.

Courtesy and Honesty: the developer deserves 5+ star rating for their courtesy extended on their forums.

Pros & Cons of the extension and its performance: For me the best Pros for this extension is the aggressive pricing. as of now I've not encountered any con. Performance is a relative terms as seen working with other extensions. But yet, this extension works like a knife on butter.

Level of support received: The developers deserve standing ovation for their prompt support. It is so fast that replies to queries are given within almost minutes of raising the query. 5 star support!

Ease of usage and deployment: Deployment needs as much knowledge as much a normal user would have to register at any "Mail Service Provider". It installs like a breeze and without any hitches you can get your Freelancer website up & running within few minutes.

Purpose of using the extension: I'm going to use this extension commercially for business purpose.

Level of difficulty: Even a beginner could work with this Extension.

Experience level with Joomla and web technologies: Learning curve of Joomla! for a beginner was so short that I could now enter into more complex developments (even when I'm not a developer). I found it scalable as well as very easy for everyone to use, utilize and grow!

All the very best to all Joomla! community!


Saurabh Vashist
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