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About Us

BriTech Solutions, started in 2012, has already involved in the web development and maintenance for more than two years. We have seen the potential of Freelance market and hence to give a boost to it, we have come up with a brand new JoomBri Freelance for the award-winning Joomla! CMS which transforms static websites into dynamic, interactive ones with ease-of-use and robust functionalities.

Our goals are simple: Every company, should have a website to promote their business and the company can be of any size.

In BriTech Solutions, we welcome all clients in a family atmosphere, whether it's a large company representative, director of a major internet portal, or a small family company. We believe that the true pleasure of cooperation can be achieved thanks to individual and relaxed approach.

We offer the same quality and professional services to everyone. Our customers appreciate that they always get what they ordered on time, in the requested quality, and we add something extra...