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Freelance v5.5 Stable Released

Joombri Freelance Unveils New Version with Enhanced SEF URLs and SEO Optimization

Joombri Freelance, the leading platform for freelancers and employers, is excited to announce the release of its latest version, packed with two powerful new features designed to enhance user experience and improve online visibility.

Improved SEF URLs

In this release, Joombri Freelance has introduced improved SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs. This enhancement ensures that URLs are more readable and user-friendly, making navigation simpler and more intuitive for users. The new SEF URLs not only contribute to a better user experience but also enhance the website's overall search engine performance. Cleaner, more descriptive URLs mean that search engines can more easily understand and index the content of your site, leading to better search rankings and increased traffic.

Optimized for SEO

Understanding the importance of being visible in search engine results, Joombri Freelance has made significant strides in SEO optimization. This update includes a series of improvements and tweaks aimed at boosting the platform's search engine rankings. By optimizing various elements such as meta tags, keywords, and content structure, the new version ensures that users' profiles and project listings gain more visibility and attract the right audience. These enhancements are designed to help freelancers and employers alike reach their goals more effectively by making it easier for potential clients and collaborators to find them online.


Joombri Freelance remains committed to providing the best tools and features for its community. With these latest updates, users can expect a more seamless and efficient experience, both in navigating the platform and in achieving better search engine performance. Stay tuned for more exciting features and improvements as Joombri Freelance continues to innovate and lead in the freelance marketplace.

For more information about the new features and to experience the latest version, visit Joombri Freelance Demo.