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JoomBri Freelance 4.8 Stable Released

Introducing JoomBri Freelance Version 4.8.0

We are thrilled to announce the release of JoomBri Freelance Version 4.8.0, packed with exciting new features, important improvements, and crucial fixes. This version focuses on enhancing user experience, streamlining functionality, and providing seamless integration with popular social bookmarking services. Here's an overview of what's new in this release:

1. Social Bookmarking Integration:

We have replaced the AddThis social bookmarking feature with ShareThis, a powerful and versatile social sharing platform. Now, users can easily share their favorite projects, services, and profiles with their social networks, expanding their reach and increasing visibility.

2. Enhanced Performance:

In our commitment to deliver a faster and more optimized experience, we have removed unnecessary CSS names and image files. By streamlining the codebase, we have significantly improved the loading speed and overall performance of JoomBri Freelance, ensuring a smooth browsing experience for both freelancers and clients.

3. Updated Payment Gateway:

To align with the evolving payment landscape, we have renamed the Moneybookers payment option to Skrill. This change ensures that users can seamlessly make secure transactions using the widely recognized and trusted Skrill platform.

4. Improved Search Functionality:

We have addressed an issue with the search module, which previously failed to search for services accurately. With this fix, users can now rely on the search feature to easily discover the services they need, connecting freelancers and clients more efficiently.

We are committed to continuously improving JoomBri Freelance to meet the needs of our users. This release represents a significant step forward in providing an intuitive, reliable, and feature-rich platform for freelance professionals and clients worldwide.

Upgrade now to JoomBri Freelance Version 4.8.0 and experience these exciting new features firsthand. We look forward to your feedback as we strive to make JoomBri Freelance the go-to platform for freelancing success.

Happy freelancing,
BriTech Solutions