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I run a technology based services company and we were looking to expand to a national level. We needed a web interface that would allow our customers to post work orders to a database of technicians, and also give the technician the ability to accept, reject, or bid on the work order. We tried several extensions, none of which did this for us efficiently until we found JoomBri! JoomBri had most of the features we needed, and was not bloated with a bunch of features that we did not need. The backend is very easy to navigate and understand, and configuration literally takes less than a half hour.

This extension is still in its infancy (v1.0.2 Build 0618) but is proving to be just what we have been looking for! The only area I would like to see the developers improve on is the documentation. Although the config is very simple, customization requires some support, which is included with purchase. The response time for support questions is under an hour, which was also very important to us. For anyone looking for a lightweight extension with 1st class support and similar features, I would totally recommend JoomBri!

Jason Long
Owner of Pros2Go, LLC.

P.S. Looking forward to some great plugins from BriTech!

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